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Reliable Roll Off Containers for Junk and Debris in Phoenix, AZ

When it comes to cleaning-up time we all feel like running away. After renovations to your home or a garden makeover the excitement has worn-off, and you are left with a sigh when you look at a heap of rubbish. What to do? Should you just get someone to do junk hauling and pay an arm and a leg? Or should you do it yourself? The options are to rent a truck and trailer, pester a friend with a truck, or it could be as easy as calling an affordable dumpster rental service in your area.  Don’t despair, Phoenix, AZ companies listed here are experts at doing just that: removing waste in a cost effect way.

  • Fist of all; think of what materials you would like to dispose of. How much does it weigh? Is it twigs and leaves or building rubble consisting of bricks and cement? This will also determine the site the waste is taken to, and distance will influence cost.
  • Obviously, the amount of debris will determine the size of the dumpster you’ll need. The Dumpster rental firm will evaluate your needs when you give them a call.
  • This brings us to getting a couple of trash service companies to give you cost estimates on the job, so that you can compare costs to save money if you can.

A few details will influence costs of junk removal:

  • The distance to be traveled
  • Cost per day of rental
  • Tariffs of landfill sites


How much does it cost to rent a roll-off dumpster?


Well, obviously there is no standard answer, as everyone’s waste disposal differs in size or volume and weight. You would probably like to get it done in one go to get it over and done with. To get specific cost estimates from one of the waste disposal services listed in your area, there are a few points you should be aware of, so follow the easy check list, tick the box, and avoid mistakes or costs being omitted.

  • What size dumpster will you need? Will you need a big container to take all your waste in one go, or will a smaller dumpster suffice? Let the experts advise you on dumpster sizes.
  •  Distance is next up to consider, how far the dumpster contractor must travel to come and drop the container off at your Phoenix, Arizona premises, and then again to take it to the relevant dumpsite. That’s why it is important to look for a “dumpster rental near me”.
  • How much does it all weigh? A heavy load of a small volume of waste might cost more than a big load of lightweight waste. Building rubble containing broken bricks, pieces of concrete or dirt will cost more to dispose of than branches, and twigs.
  • The garbage containers for rent company you contract to do your waste removal will have to pay a tariff at the dumpsite they will use to dispose of the waste.
  • The amount of days you hire the roll off dumpster will influence the cost significantly, so try and get it done on the same day rather than the next day as this will save some costs.

To determine dumpster rental cost in Phoenix and get the exact amount you will have to budget for, call one of the selected contractors listed here. Ask a few contractors to give you cost estimates, and decide from there. Which one is closest to you, and who will offer you the best deal?


Which dumpster size to rent?


The dumpster size you need will be determined by your demand. Do you want to get rid of debris that can be loaded by hand or do you need to load it with heavy duty lifts? Is your waste residential or commercial? Get a professional opinion if it is the first time you have to deal with these questions. Here are some indication of dumpster sizes available:

  • 10-yard dumpster: 12 ft L x 8 ft W x 4 ft H. This size dumpster is the most popular, and easy to load and fill in a short period of time by hand.
  • 20-yard dumpster: 22 ft L x 8 ft W x 4.5 ft H.  This is the size used after minor renovations have been done to homes, and the waste it can take is heavier, and slightly more than just garden waste.
  • 30-yard dumpster: 22 ft L x 8 ft W x 6 ft H. The difference here is the height increase, as well as the volume, and a mechanical loader becomes the loading option.
  • 40-yard dumpster: 22 ft L x 8 ft W x 8 ft H. This size is used for serious industrial sites where huge amounts of rubble are loaded mechanically.
  • Some waste management companies might even offer a 6-yard or 15-yard roll off dumpsters.


What materials can you place in your container?


The next very relevant question to consider is what you are going to fill the dumpster with. It is important to discuss the materials you would like to dispose of with the debris removal company you choose to use. The material must not be a hazard to nature or man. There are some basic guidelines to filling trash containers. It is better to ask beforehand if waste material should be separated. Some examples:

Basic household waste: This would be waste that you could have trashed in your bin, but that accumulates to the volume where a dumpster is needed. Here recyclable materials such as glass or paper would be separated.

Waste from the garden: Ask yourself if the material is biodegradable, and should not be mixed with materials that will decompose on a composting plant’s compost heap.

Building rubble: The job is not done till the rubble is gone. This rubble could be quite diverse, and the best would be to explain what materials it consists of when you ask for cost estimates, and also to get advice on loading dumpsters. A rule of thumb is to load all the heaviest material together.

Bulky waste and junk: This general junk includes big amounts of big stuff such as old furniture, mattresses or things no one will want. Just make sure you don’t dispose of any hazardous materials, which will be unsafe to the environment or to people.


How you should prepare for dumpster arrival?


How you prepare for the arrival of the dumpster could save you time and money. As we mentioned, if you could load your dumpster in a day this would be the best option. For this to be an option, you must prepare your rubble to be loaded fast and efficiently.

Among the points to discuss with the dumpster service you choose to use is access to your property, and the best place to leave the dumpster.

Would the roll off dumpster truck be able to get to the place you had in mind to load from, or do you have to move the rubbish heap beforehand? Consult with the dumpster hire company to find out if they will ensure the containers will not cause damage to paving or whether they think dumpsters may sink into the ground once loaded with heavy waste.

You might need permission or a permit if the container will stand on municipal land.

Inform your neighbors of your plans if you think they might be unhappy, and avoid complains.

Lastly, don’t overfill the dumpster. Some space is needed for the waste to be transported safely. Be sure you know how far you can fill it by checking all the requirements for your load.